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Welcome to the Cavanal Calm Community App

I'm glad you're here, and I can't wait to see you inside!

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Get To Know The Cavanal Calm App

Since day one of my decision to teach yoga, I've continued working tirelessly and lovingly in order to expand my profound personal experience and grow class offerings to ensure you the tools to aid your life in the most beautiful way.

Aside from providing YouTube videos, I knew I wanted to create an app as a place that my students felt welcome and would be a safe space for them to unlock their potential and grow their yoga journey {i.e. self-connection}. I'm proud of how far I’ve come in this process, yet remain committed to providing you with growing expertise, and an abundance of new classes in the future.

The Cavanal Calm App currently includes 60+ classes and will be an ever-growing and evolving library of multi-style yoga classes, programs, challenges, and meditations for you to practice in the comfort of your own home.

Targeting the benefit of having a consistent practice that you can commit to, many classes are created as a short to mid-length practice. This allows you to engage daily during busy schedules (when we need yoga the most) and provides a way for you to easily establish a regime that you can devote to as you spend this necessary time with YOU for your optimal wellness. 

There really is something for everyone- from day one of your yoga journey and beyond- whether you are craving a strenuous workout and have weight loss goals, want to reduce anxiety from the rapid-pace of the world, or need something restorative to reduce pains in the physical and/or mental body.

The best part- become a part of the Cavanal Calm Community inside the App and interact with other members as you share goals, successes, tips, and experiences. And because the App was created for YOU- you will have access to messaging me inside the App to request more classes that reflect YOUR needs. 

A genuine bow of gratitude for you being here- embarking on your journey to the best you. I am more than happy to be a small part of your life experience and I hope you are able to benefit each time we share a practice together. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know About The App

What Devices Can I Access My App On?

You may access your App account on any device that you are able to use a web browser: Tablet, Phone, Desktop, Laptop, and TV

*AirPlay and/or Screen Mirroring may be necessary to view on particular TVs

What Am I Gaining Access To By Being A Subscribed App-Member?

  • Ad-Free Exclusive Content and Classes for any wellness goal you may have.

  • Enjoy new releases EVERY MONTH.

  • You will be able to utilize in-app tools such as progress tracking (journal your thoughts), community boards, direct chats to me, and monitor your completed classes, too.

  • Challenges and/or Calendars created to boost your motivation and allow you to keep other members accountable as well.

What Are The Payment Options?

It is FREE to create an Account Login.

Once inside, you have the option to choose one of the following plans:

  • BASIC CALM ($14.99/mo)​

Does NOT include in-app tools, community boards, mindful meditations, or access to personally messaging me.

  • GIVE ME ALL THE CALM ($19.99/mo)

Enjoy ALL exclusive classes including Mindful Meditations.

Access in-app tools such as community messaging and personal progress tracking.

*Every subscription begins with a 7-DAY FREE TRIAL.

*Any plan may be cancelled at any time by accessing your account Profile Tab and selecting Account Settings.

Is The App Available To Download in the Apple App Store or Google Play?

It is not {YET} available in these stores. This is in the works.

However, IF YOU HAVE ALREADY CREATED AN ACCOUNT in the Web-App Browser (link below) and have a current subscription to Cavanal Calm, you can do the following to access as an App-Like Experience:

  • Download the '" App in the App-store of your choice.

  • Search the toolbar by typing in "Cavanal Calm Yoga" and Select.

  • Enter your login.

  • Use the App like you would any other app with no additional fee.

*This will allow Full-Screen viewing that you may not otherwise be able to access on your phone.

What is is the wonderful platform I have chosen and teamed up with for creating my App. 

I am excited to work with a diligent, passion-driven team that is continuously making efforts to improve the App experience. 

By using my App, you can expect features to continually evolve within the App- to give you the best experience possible. 

What if I am having trouble creating an account or entering payment info?

If an error seems to occur, please kindly refresh the payment page to reset and try again.

If I am not using the app platform, how can I easily access the web-browser Cavanal Calm App link continually?

Simply follow the App link on this page, and on your mobile device select "Add to Home Screen". 

This will create a shortcut on your phone home screen, and will keep you logged in at all times if you desire. 

Learn More About the App: FAQ
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