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Welcome to Cavanal Calm Yoga: A Brief Introduction to The Creator

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Welcome to our journey, friends 🤍

I’m Candace, and I am grateful to share my love, practice, gratitude, positivity, & all that encompasses our health and well-being.

To me, the mind and body- in connection with all that surrounds us naturally- is an incredible experience that we have all been blessed with.

The last 6 years of growing within my yoga practice has made this experience a clear value of my own and is something I wish to share as I continue my journey, too.

Although I have previously gained an abundance of experience, I am forever a student of yoga. While I am currently finishing my RYT-200 certification course, I can’t wait to see what interests me next in my learning experience and am proud to serve others as a guide through this incredible practice that you make your own.

To introduce the CC crew and family..

We are just a couple with a couple of pups, and a couple of felines comfortably tucked away at the base of the World’s Highest Hill- Cavanal Hill -on the eastern border of Oklahoma.

It is here and our surrounding areas of the OK/AR National Forests & River Valley where we enjoy each sun and moonrise.

We love the outdoors, spending time with our pups and kits, cooking nutritious meals, moving our bodies, gardening/farming, sharing ideas and love, genuinely connecting with others, growing in knowledge, and pursuing our dreams as we flow through our incredible unfolding journey…

There is something so fascinating to me regarding the deep meaning of  L I F E . And although we may never fully understand, it has been made clear to me that the daily journey is that which we must embrace.

There’s a saying regarding this daily awareness and embracement.. “May we not be distracted by ruminations on the past or worries about the future, but centered in the here and now.

To me, we don’t have a life • We, in the most simplistically complicated way, are life.

I am enthusiastic about this experience of our time on beautiful Mother Earth, and I’m enticed by opportunities to grow, learn, love, and lead.

Unfortunately, these instances present themselves often, and too many times we, the masses, are consumed in a distraction of some kind, and fail to act.

In our household personally, we find ourselves in a {not always easy} balance somewhere between not taking life too serious; yet intentionally living- diligently working towards our collective and individual goals, and loving hard what we do.

We take pride in our will to be better {at least most days} : healthfully, relationally, sustainably..

Continually learning from our mistakes, redirecting course, keeping focused on functionality vs desire and risk vs reward.

I have been blessed with a wonderfully beautiful, yet challenging set of circumstances that have led me through my career endeavors and passions.

Upon completion of an Associates Degree in Allied Health and Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Arkansas Fort Smith- I pursued the life of entrepreneurship and followed my passion for the sport that shaped me in my formative years.

Before finding and growing my love for yoga, I established a business and program devoted to young athletes developing physical skills, leadership, and so much more through the world of competitive cheerleading. Arkansas Cheer Academy- my first baby, established in 2012- has been one of my greatest, most fulfilling accomplishments and experiences.

I have beyond enjoyed the inspiration and challenges alike that the last 17 years of coaching has provided me. In the realm of coaching- the success of each athlete, team, and season has been an indescribable journey to witness. And through it all I have even embraced the hardships, too, that have taught me lessons I would have never otherwise learned. I am grateful for this continued culture of a program that my staff, members, and I have created.

It has inspired me to extend my influence and passion for instilling hard work ethic, strength, self-esteem, wellness, and good habits overall. I'm ecstatic to continue learning, evolving as a coach, and influencing people of all ages that are seeking to improve their overall well-being and life experience. Becoming a yoga instructor just made sense.

There’s so much more to unpack about how I got here and what it is that we {my family and I} value, and so much more to come as our story continues to be written..

But as for the “here and now”- a sincere gratitude to you being here, allowing me to be a small piece of your evolvement of wellness. I appreciate the support as I gain more experience in sharing my yoga practice, improve video-creating skills 😜, make memories, and grow an endless library of content to benefit your health and well-being.

I am happy our paths have crossed and I invite you to take a moment each day and appreciate all that you are and all that you have.

To gift yourself what your mind and body deserve. What YOU deserve.

I hope you enjoy as we share this journey of all things yoga, nutrition, lifestyle, nature, & wellness in the physical and mental realm.

All my love and gratitude.


Founder of Cavanal Calm Yoga

To learn more about my yoga journey specifically, visit my "Self Discovery" blog.

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