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Not Your Average Influencer

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of."

~ Benjamin Franklin

In recent years, I have placed a very high value on time. After all, time is the scarcity, and it's the commodity we can't create any more of.

That being said, it is worthy to note other values that I have. In the fast-paced world we live, we have been drawn to instant gratification, materialistic desires, and too much, well, information. There, I said it. In a world of insane sensory overload, I value the slow, peaceful, calm moments. I value being maybe slightly different. I value being present. With myself, but certainly with my loved ones.

While I deeply enjoy creating, growing, learning, persevering, and providing content to others as I embrace and evolve my own journey, there is a time and place for it {work}.

I personally thrive on a work-love-nature balance of life. After much searching for joy and happiness, I have realized the control I have and the creator I am of such things in my own journey and life.

Of course I have experienced pain, death, severed relationships, failed career endeavors- you name it- all of the sufferings a person endures in their lifetime. And through these dark times, experiences, and lessons I have noted the values that I have on spending my time wisely and fulfillingly (no, this isn't a real word).

I don't hate social media, but I can strongly say that I disagree with the self-judgement and over-consumption that comes along with using such tools.

All this to say- you won't see me posting daily to grab your attention. I value not only my time- but I deeply value yours, too. I can't bring myself to spend more than 'x' amount of time on devices at all.

If I have a spare moment of time, you can guarantee that I am:

• In nature {with my little family 🐾}

• Writing

• Reading

• Listening to a podcast (MindBodyGreen, Joe Rogan, Lex Fridman to name only a few)

• Cooking or consuming whole foods

• Moving on my mat (or being still in meditation)

• Listening to music that resonates with my mood

• Upkeeping our home and pursuing projects

• Placing loving attention on another being {be it plants, people, or animals}

My hope by not being overly active on social media is to allow not only me, but you the time of real connection.

I encourage my community and followers to guide their own life, spending more time with the oneness of your soul- and less on the adventure of others.

Sure, I find others and their 'stories' inspiring, uplifting, even funny, too. But again, I limit this consumption and find other ways to utilize the precious time I have been given.

Making an effort to ensure that my physical and mental wellness and clarity thrive from being aware of the balance of what is real and what is, well, not real.

So, while I may not be your average influencer posting continually to squander the time and attention of others, I hope that my example will lead you to open the doors to a new reality of your own- bringing you back to the wholeness and 'realness' of {your} life.

Candace Porter

Founder of Cavanal Calm Yoga

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