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The Power of Gratitude

Just a quick thought..

I encourage you today and this week to replace any “I have to…” with “I get to…”

Often times we, myself included, become stuck in a rut or funk of being overwhelmed with maybe the mundane routine of things- complaining at least in our minds of the “to-do” lists…

Instead of associating a negative feeling with all the things we must do…

May we be grateful for the ability and opportunity to do “the things”.

Look around you- finding one thing you are are thankful for..

Close the eyes- picturing one (or multiple) people {or animals} you are thankful for…

Fill your lungs and body with a deep breath of oxygen…

And be grateful for that simple action.

Allow the mind to associate positive gratitude for all the “have-to’s” and “get-to’s”

Have a happy day, week, month, life- my friends.

Candace Porter

Founder of Cavanal Calm Yoga

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