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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

When I started practicing yoga just shy of 6 years ago, I didn’t realize at the time the journey on which I was embarking.

I wasn’t expecting the healing to be so profound- as a matter of fact- I didn’t know there was so much healing needed.

Each of us have a different story.

Coming from different backgrounds.

And an array of past experiences.

Physically, I personally came from a competitive cheerleading athletic background- spending 14 years on the mat… Earning so much more than the physical aspects though. I was depended upon by my teammates, and they were dependent on me. All the lessons involved in those great times and times of defeat are worth mentioning purely because of the mindset I gained early on. These are experiences I will treasure a lifetime- and are a foundation for the me today.

Since my career as an athlete ended nearly 10 years ago- I continued, for 5 years or so, to remain active through regular weight training, even dabbled in CrossFit a couple of years, and I also never quit regularly stretching to keep up my flexibility..

And somewhere along the way, past emotional experiences arose.. life happened… And perspectives changed… Directions and plans turned around… Loved ones were lost.. and relationships severed

My views of health and wellness, too, evolved (and are still)…

For me, I wanted something that:

1. Could “keep me in shape”

2. Was something I could do at home

3. Was low impact in comparison to previous athletic goals

4. Would maintain and improve mobility and longevity

5. Would be calming for the mind in an ever-accelerating, hectic, stressful, fast-paced world

6. Would be something I saw myself doing well into my later years of life- and that would improve that quality of life

I have not only gained all of the above…

But a self-exploration began that I know will never end..

I have been blessed to learn from some amazing teachers, instructors, and friends…

And as much as I truly value their continuous guidance and inspiration..

I now am able to fully listen and guide my own self into healing through self exploration and movement…

My personal practice- and any practice I share and teach- is intended to be made your own.. and be fluid moving for what your personal needs may be in that moment.

We are each unique and on a journey that no one else will ever have the experience of… Our thoughts and emotions are all different, at different times. Our bodies too…

So, we must listen and adjust to what OUR body needs.. always. Adding micro movements where we can.. backing off when we should..

Before discovering what yoga could bring to my life, I was on the downward spiral to embodying (at times) terrible habits that are all too easily accessible to us- processed food, technological consumption, idolization, you name it…

I also found myself using ‘exercise’ as an escape from or stab at my body and it’s “imperfections”..

My how giving yourself consistent loving awareness can return a filled heart, positive potential, and a healthy body…

It isn’t always comfortable forcing yourself to discover the flaws in your thoughts, feelings, and physical body…

But if you persevere with consistent care and kindness to yourself.. and all along have acceptance of where you’re currently at..

You have the potential to find yourself in a state of being that you are proud to be in- feeling lighter in every meaning of the word.

I have seen yoga transform the lives of others, my own life, and I only hope that it can resonate in some way to the you within- allowing you to tap into {your} fullest potential, too.

~The only impossible journey, is the one you never begin.~


Candace Porter

Founder of Cavanal Calm Yoga

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